These rules aim to allow the best livability of the residence guaranteeing the respect of the other residents.

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Inside the Residence, a behavior appropriate to the place and respectful of others is required. Remember that the Residence is first and foremost a place of study: one’s way of living and one’s behavior must be regulated accordingly. It is recommended to avoid noises that could disturb other people, especially during the evening and night.

Please also be respectful toward other residents and their needs, always seeking a civil compromise, as the Residence is not only your own home but also the home of the other residents. As inside any building, the law prohibits smoking, which is therefore not allowed in any room of the Residence. The residence is equipped with smoke detectors: all the more so smoking is prohibited in each of the various rooms in order not to trigger alarms.


The rooms are designed to have the double function of a place to sleep and a place to study.

It is the user’s responsibility to transform them from one function to the other in the morning and evening. The user must keep his room in a civil state, in order, clean, including the bathroom. The room, with their furniture, is delivered to each resident in good condition and so must be returned at the end of the period of stay. If at the end there are damages or breakages concerning the room, the relative bathroom and the furniture in them, a withholding tax will be applied to the deposit paid. The amount withheld will be commensurate with the interventions necessary for the restoration of the room itself. Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Residence, and therefore also inside one own room. It is recommended to turn off the lights when leaving the room and pay attention to every small gesture that avoids waste. Each room is equipped with the local controls of the air conditioning system: it should be remembered that the anti-waste standards require that, when heating is in operation, the temperature of the rooms should be twenty degrees Celsius, while, when the cooling is in operation, the temperature must be regulated according to the external one in order to avoid sudden changes of temperature to the detriment of residents health, and in any case not less than twenty-six degrees Celsius.

Living rooms

Living rooms must be kept clean and in order. As in the rest of the house, smoking is also forbidden in these rooms. Obviously those who break repair and eventually pay.


In the residence meals are not served. Residents can use the kitchen, reserved for them, to prepare their own meals, without being an obstacle to other residents.

The kitchen should be kept clean, tidy and well arranged in respect to all the residents. Inn particular, once finished eating and in general after using the kitchen, it must be left clean and tidy, there must be nothing left in the sinks, and the worktops must be clean and dried and kept uncluttered, the bins and waste bags must be regularly emptied, knives and frequently used tools should not be placed in the dishwasher, but washed, dried and stored promptly, the tables must be cleared and cleaned, without leaving them occupied for hours. Kitchen equipment must be respected and used according to the relative instructions and methods. Food left on the shelves for some time can be thrown away. Every resident is required to place the dry dishes in the proper shelves and to free the dish drainers and dishwashers when they have finished their function. It is not allowed to remove utensils or crockery from the kitchen, let alone leave the around the Residenza or take them to one own room. Stoves should be left absolutely clean after use. In the evening, whoever leaves the kitchen last has to worry about turning off all the lights or checking that they are off. The kitchen cannot be used to prepare food for third parties except for diners inviter with permission. It is allowed to eat meals in the kitchen if this does non prevent its use by other residents.

Dining room.

It can accommodate up to 18 diners at the same time. In the cupboard in the room there are cutlery, crockery and glasses suitable for full use of the room. Tablecloths and napkins are stored in the kitchen where they should be stored once properly washed. Once the use is finished, the dining room must be reset for later use. The washing machines in the kitchen have sufficient capacity to wash the used dishes for a lunch of 18 people.

Toilet on the first floor

Between the kitchen and the dining room there is a toilet that must be kept constantly clean by the users. There are no towels because there is an electric hot-air towel. The door of this room must be kept closed.


The Residence has a laundry room with two washing machines, a dryer, a washer dryer, ironing boards and irons. It is forbidden to hang clothes outside the laundry room. In respect to other residents, keep the machines occupied for the shortest possible time. The lights must be turned off when there is no one in the laundry room.


Every resident is required to keep all the common areas clean and tidy, committing themselves for their good maintenance according to the rules of common living. Cleaning shifts of the common space will be organized by mutual agreement among the residents. The residence is equipped with two floor cleaning robots, one on the second floor and one on the third floor; they must be activated taking care to empty the collected garbage container at each use. Vacuum cleaners are also available to be used respecting their functioning and emptying debris deposits regularly; once the use is finished, they must be returned to the place intended for them to be used by other residents.


The residence has a room for the storage of bicycles that cannot be left elsewhere. Bicycles left out of place can be removed.


If damage to the common equipment occurs, the cost of the repair will be charged to the person responsible for the damage. If it is not clear who is responsible for the damage, the cost will be divided among all residents.


Each resident is fully responsible for the persons he introduces within the Residence and their behavior. Any violation of the rules by its guests and any damage they may be held responsible for will be attributed to the host resident. Whoever is invited within the structure of the Residence should, as a guest, be respectful of the place where he stands and of the rules therein present even more than those who live there. Guests cannot stay in the Residence over night.


The residence has access to a communal garden. Therefore its use must be done in full compliance with the condominiums according to the rules of the condominium regulations.


The Residence has a room reserved for meditation and prayer. This room must be used in respect of its destination.

Compliance with the rules

The residing adults will solicit the compliance with the rules.