The Residenza Universitaria Familiare Marilena e Gabriella ETS (Organization of the Third Sector) is a housing unit that can accommodate up to 16 students, or similar, and two adults, proposing a coexistence that aims to progress in the study and development of human and inner qualities of each through a growth path without generational barriers.

The residence is located in the historical center of Padua. From it you can easily walk to the academic buildings of the various degree programs. A bicycle can facilitate and speed up the movement.

Admission to the house is by interview to check the personal will of the applicant to grow humanly, culturally and academically along with the other residents in the facility.

Each student will have to sign a lease agreement for students and internal regulations whose provisions are intended to facilitate a good and civilized coexistence in mutual respect and proper use of the available facilities.

There might be scholarships reserved for the residents for which one can compete.